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Fiberglass Access Door 18" x 18"
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Fiberglass Access Door 18" x 18"


  • $ 16295

Stealth Access Panels are glass fiber reinforced gypsum ceiling access panels that are aesthetically pleasing, because they are designed to blend seamlessly into a dry wall ceiling. No longer do you have to hide your attic and utility access in the closet. Stealth Access Panels come in models for residential and commercial applications, with two residential and six commercial sizes. Residential models incorporate a gasket seal to provide an energy saving seal to keep attic temperatures from infiltrating the living space and to meet California building code. Stealth panels are perfect for jobs where access is required at regular intervals. The panels can be used in new and retrofit construction. The unit consists of a surround frame with pre-drilled fastener holes and a drop in door. Wind-lock TR-AP018 GFRG Fiber Glass Access Door, 18" x 18", Features: • Tapered edge for tape joint • Easily textured • Lightweight • Smooth round edge • Blends into surrounding drywall • No shrinkage • No cracking • Perfect for retrofit applications



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