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Insulated Duct Doors

Acudor Duct Access Doors are designed to provide convenient, economical access to duct components. The insulated door panel, along with the gasketing between the door and frame assures a tight seal without obstruction in the air system. Acudor HD-5070 Duct Access Door Features: • Insulated Duct Door Hinged • Provides access to sheet metal duct • Insulated door panel • Also available: door with vision panel and doors for fiberglass ducts Acudor HD-5070 Duct Access Door Specifications: • Access Door: 24 gage galvanized steel, double panel. • Access Door Frame: 24 gage galvanized steel with 5/8" notched knock over tabs. • Access Door Hinge: Continuous aluminum piano hinge. • Access Door Insulation: Door panel filled with 2" fiberglass insulation (7.7 R factor), compressed into 1". • Access Door Gasketing: 1/8" thick by 1/2" wide closed cell neoprene gasketing between door and frame. • Access Door Latch: Self-tightening, hand operated cam latch. * Dimensions are W x H



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